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Monday, March 21, 2016


I enjoy doing reviews and swatches for red lipsticks lately. Have you noticed it on my blog? LOL. I got this BYS matte lipstick from BYS Celebration last year. I got it as a part of a souvenir but I am just sharing my review today. 

I will now proceed to my review. 

Brand: BYS Cosmetics

Type: Matte

Shade: Celebrity Status

Product Description: (From Zalora)

Keep your pucker smooth, full, and juicy with this Matte Lipstick from BYS. The creamy formula glides on easily and leaves a long-lasting, matte color. 

- Creamy application 
- Matte color
- Long lasting 
- Keeps lips smooth and supple



Actually, this shade is very similar to its qualities for Tango. The only difference is that this color is darker and more reddish over pinkish. 

The texture of the lipstick is matte but it is so creamy and shimmery that it is easy to apply and glide on my lips. I felt no tugging at all. Even though it is matte, I did not experience any drying on my lips after using. 

The color is very opaque but it does not look like matte at all. 

It lasts long but can easily be removed through eating or drinking. The lipstick does not leave stain. It does not settle on lip lines.

When applied, the color is bright red. 

Super affordable!


For its claim to be a matte lipstick, its not. It has a little shimmery look that it makes the texture very different. 

I do not like that almost half of the lipstick is exposed on the cap. (Photo above) It cannot be twisted inside the black casing. It really shows off the lipstick on the cap. I am a clumsy person and I am afraid that one of these days, I am going to accidentally recap it and damage the stick at the same time.


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: 299php

Where to buy?
Watson's Store, SM Beauty Department Section

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