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Tuesday, February 23, 2016


I can't tell when exactly did handle wraps became a thing and I tried searching for it online but I can't find an article to share to at least what brand or country it first started. 

I learned using handle wraps with a use of ordinary scarf or branded twillies that she owns, a technique that my older sister uses. She introduced me on how many ways I can use it. Unfortunately, at that time that she taught me, she is using a branded scarf and twillies that is expensive and I can't buy immediately for my own.

I am so glad when I learned about Oh My Bag Philippines because its an online shop in the Philippines that caters items for that protects your designer bags like the handle wraps! Awesome, right? There is no need to buy an expensive scarves to wrap around the handles of my bags.

Oh My Bag's main goal is to help us protect our bags in any way we could think of. They have a lot of items to offer like: 

Base Shaper - shapes your bag to its correct shape while you are using it. It also makes your items inside your bag stable.
Bag Raincoats - protects from rain, water and dusts. 
Bag Stuffers - this is to help your bag maintain and hold its shape when stored. 
Dehumidifiers - to prevent moisture inside and outside your bags. 
Dust Bags - another protection that can be used to prevent dust getting into your bag.
Handle Wraps - either worn out or not, a handle wrap is used to protect the handles or as a statement of fashion.

I got lucky to receive two handle wraps for testing by Oh My Bag and I can't wait to share it to you! 

Let me start by sharing with you what kinds of handle wraps I have. 


Who will not fall in love with this design? Its classic and it contains the basic colors that we wear almost everyday. It is easy to pair with any bags or clothes! 


The Tylissa was made with Polyester Material with length of 37.5inches, width of 2 inches. One wrap is enough to cover a medium to long length of straps. 

The texture is smooth and soft, it is easy to use for wrapping and tying. 


The design of the Rosalie Handle Wrap reminded me of old times. Its classic and elegant. This limited edition wrap can be used even in formal events because of its style. 


The Rosalie Handle Wrap belongs with Oh My Bag Philippines' Black Label Limited Edition Series. It is made with imported materials. The dimensions are: Length - 37.5 inches, Width - 2 inches. Its length is the same with Tylissa but I think due to different texture of the cloth, it does not stretch out as much as Tylissa so I was only able to fit the straps from short to medium size length. 

The texture of the material is slightly thicker so it is harder to roll it around the handle but when wrapped properly, it gives a satisfyingly strong grip for the handle. 

Now, let me now share what I love about the handle wraps below: 

1. My handle wraps packaging were protected with dehumidifiers inside. Dehumidifier absorbs moisture that usually causes marks on your bag in the long run. Its not only for the bags, it can be used for jewelries and shoes too. 

2. Quality of the cloth and the logo of the brand is included on the handle wraps.

The quality of my handle wraps are great, the fibers are formed together nicely and the fabric does not bleed when wet. 

I appreciate that the logos are included, this way I would know that my handle wraps are authentic and proudly made in the Philippines.

3. One way to protect your bag straps is by wrapping something around it like this handle wraps. Handle straps are one of the first part of a bag that gets easily broken and dirty. 

Doing the wrapping of handle wraps on your new bags will prevent it from getting dirty or worn out while using it on your worn out bags can hide the damages present. 

Either way, it is for the advantage of your bag. It is offered by Oh My Bag Philippines in a very affordable price so you can collect all the designs easily. 

I wrapped it on my worn out Louis Vuitton Epi Noe Petit. I got this the bag as a hand me down and the straps are already worn out. I will keep the Tylisse strap on this bag after reviewing both of my hand wraps. The Tylissa suited this bag well. (I used two handle wraps to fully cover the strap of my LV Epi Noe Petit.)

There are so many ways that we can wrap it around our bag straps, you can get creative! The possibilities are endless!

I also tried my Rosalie Handle wraps on the same bags. Observe how it can change the look and mood of your style by just using a different set of wraps. 

I wrapped my Rosalie Handle Wraps on my LV Epi Noe and it looked different and more formal. (I used two handle wraps to fully cover the strap of the LV Epi Noe Petit.)

The Rosalie Hand Wrap suited my short handle Long Champ better than the Tylissa. I think it is because of the color. The brown and classic floral design of the wraps complimented each other. 

4. The handle wraps can be a replacement for broken or worn out strings. The drawstring of my Louis Vutton bag is already thin and worn out, check my photos below on how it looks fashionable when I replaced the drawstring with my handle wraps. I only needed one piece of wrap to replace the drawstring. 

I also tried the Rosalie Handle Wraps to replace the drawstring. (I only used one piece of wrap as a drawstring.)

5. I can use the handle wraps to design my bag. A simple fashion statement. You can tie it on the side or at the front and make it look like a ribbon. It serve as a highlight on your plain colored bags. I used both Tylissa and Rosalie as a sample on my photos below:

I just shared 5 positive views and I cannot think of any negativeness for this product. 

In other words, I love my handle wraps! I can now protect my handles and practice my sense of style at the same time, what could be better than that right?

A pair of handle wraps costs 299php to 450php depending on the design. It is affordable and in good quality, get yours now too!

To know more about Oh My Bag Philippines, you can visit them on their website here

For updates, you can follow them on their social media accounts:
Facebook - Link here
Twitter - @ohmybagphils
Instagram - @ohmybagphils

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