I Love Shopping At Sasa!

Saturday, February 13, 2016


Do you know there's a shop at Hong Kong called Sasa? I am amazed how all the drugstore items I can think of related to makeup, skin care and hair care can be found there! 

To make it even more amazing, the shop can be seen everywhere! It is like a 7-11 store, everywhere you look, there's a Sasa store. 

The items are also sold in a reasonable and competitive prices. Did you know that the Bioderma in 500ml is on sale? I checked the expiration date and the expiration date is still three years later. I bought one bottle for only 112-115HK$ (around 600-700php) that is half the price in the Philippines. That is why I hoarded. The Nature Republic Aloe is sold at 20HK$ (around 120php) and their regular price is still half the amount of the price here in the Philippines. 

Also, they sell anime and Disney inspired makeups! I have the Sailor Moon eyeliner added on my collection and I also got the Card Captor Sakura Blush and lip balm edition. Yay! 

I wish I could go back ASAP and I will make sure to have a lot of money saved for shopping at Sasa! 

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