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Monday, November 30, 2015


After attending an event from BGC, me and my boyfriend decided to have a dinner at Maginhawa after the delay from the traffic. There are a lot of choices but we chose Snacks and Ladders that night. The board game set-up of their place caught our eyes.

Snacks & Ladders is located at 188 Maginhawa Street, It is easy to spot this restaurant because you will see their front area has a life size chess board pieces. The restaurant has two floors, the first level and the second level wherein you are required to be barefoot, I think it is carpeted and customers are seated on the floor, I did not checked it out though.

There are a lot of Funko Pop on sale or on display. The board games choices are plenty that there will be no problem of shortage in games. 

Snacks & Ladders is famous in Maginhawa Street because you can eat and play board games at the same time. Their tables are designed to accommodate your bags under the table so it will not hinder your food and board games. 

I am surprised to see that they even have a small Karaoke Room under the stairs. I also love the design of the glass wall because it reminded me of Harry Potter with the Snitch's design as a mic. 

There is an additional fee so that you can enjoy the place. You can play all you want and pay at least 150php per head. The amount 150php already includes the 50php gaming fee and 100php consumable food. 

Here is the menu that Snacks & Ladders offers: 

The food is affordable and reasonable. We ordered most of the best sellers from the restaurant. I love their milkshakes, I enjoyed drinking it. I just wish that they did not use a paper straw though because I got engrossed on the game that I did not finish my milkshake right away, the straw got soggy already when I remembered to drink it. I got the Gotcha Mocha Hansel that has a piece of Hansel cookies and my boyfriend ordered the Banana Bohnanza Chocnut. 

Gotcha Mocha Hansel and Banana Bohnanza Chocnut 109php each

I ordered the Grilled Parcheesi Sandwich and I recommend you order this when you go here. The sandwich is soft and the cheese is melted. The potato chips are crunchy and I like the dips included. 

Grilled Parcheesi Sandwich 159php

Since my boyfriend is craving for some heavy meal, he ordered the Crispy Liempo. It is fine but I will defintiely recommend the sandwich over the Crispy Liempo. 

Crispy Liempo 139php

For additional snacks, we also ordered one of their best-sellers, the Dominionachos. The nachos are great and I also recommend it. 

Dominionachos 199php

Now, let me sum it up for my readers. 


The food is affordable. There are dishes that is great like the Grilled Parcheesi Sandwich and Nachos. There are a lot of games that you can play and I really mean it. I think every board game you can think of is really available. I even saw the hard to find Cards Against Humanity available at Snacks and Ladders.  

I recommend this place if you are planning to eat in groups and have fun. It is the perfect place to dine and bond.


Make sure to double check your tab. When I asked for our bill, I saw that there are so many food charged to us that we did not ordered and the head count for the games are four when it is only me and my boyfriend. When I clarified it to the waitress, she even doubted that there is only two of us which disappointed me at first because it just means that they do not monitor their clients. I told her that it is just really the two of us. Hence, she went back to the counter and re-did the bill. After that, it was settled then. I think the place is so busy that it has a tendency to mix up the orders of people or table numbers. It is totally fine with me but as a precaution, just double check your bills before paying to avoid discrepancies. Other than this, I did not encounter any problems.

Will I come back to this restaurant? Definitely yes specially when I wanted to have fun with friends or family.

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