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Monday, October 19, 2015


Halloween is coming so I am sharing with you the darkest lipstick of MAC that I was able to try and use. Mac's Instigator is a dark violet shade. It can work well for parties if you want to have that punk look and the days when you don't want to care what others think and just wear this shade and feel confident. 

This lipstick belongs to my sister and I just borrowed it so I can review it and share to you my lovely readers.

Brand: MAC

Type: Matte

Edition: Permanent

Shade: Instigator

Weight: 3g

Product Description: Deep Blackened Plum



Saying that it is highly pigmented is an understatement. This lipstick is rich in color! It really shouts violet! The Instigator lasts long and I love that one layer of application can fully coat the lips, so this one will really take months before fully consumed. 

The lipstick does not settle on dry patches or lip lines. 


Hard to remove as it leaves a dark stain. I had a difficulty in applying it on the edges of my lips. I suggest that you use a lip liner for this lipstick. You can see what I mean about the edge of my lips on my swatch below. 


Buy again? 10% (Hmmm... I don't think I can wear this shade everyday.)

Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: 1,100php

Where to buy? MAC counters. 

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