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Friday, August 14, 2015


For our 10 years anniversary celebration my boyfriend and I together with my sister went to Shangri-La Plaza, a mall that we seldom go to. We decided to eat our lunch at Tender Bob's because it is all of our first time to try it there. 

We are kind of excited to order some ribs as it is supposed to be their specialty. The waiter is very quick in refilling our bottomless iced tea so I can say that they have a good service. Most of the steaks are not available so we just settled on what is on stock. Unfortunately, we are kind of disappointed that we ate there due to the food that we ordered. Let me share it to you through the details of the food that we got.

Potato Skin

This is the only order that I really enjoyed. The potato skin is crisp and the dip tastes good. It is oily but I kind of expected that from a cooked potatoes. This appetizer costs 269php.

US Trio Mignon

I ordered  US Trio Mignon and requested for my order to be cooked well-done but the mignon served is medium rare and I was not able to eat it. I prefer my food to be well cooked. I exchanged it with my sister instead. The meat is thick and tough. It looks well cooked on the outside but it is too raw on the inside. I was not able to take a photo of it. I did not enjoy eating the steak, just the bacon. It is a good things I exchanged with my sister. She can eat medium rare. This dish costs 549php.

T Bone Steak (Hungry)

For the T Bone Steak, my sister asked for a medium rare and it was cooked unevenly. Some parts are well done and the other side of the steak is medium rare. The medium rare part is thick and tough while the well done part is chewy. In the end, I only managed to eat a small part of the steak because I give all the medium rare part to my sister. This dish costs 439php.

Baby Back Ribs (Hungry)

I wish we all ordered this, they cooked the Baby Back Ribs right. This is my boyfriend's order. The meat is tender and juicy. This dish costs 399php.

The vegetables and corn included on each dish is nothing special. The side dish for the steaks Bomb, is good and tastes like Carbonara but instead of pasta, it is potatoes.

For their menu and prices, check the photos below:

> The waiters are fast in serving and they automatically refill your drinks without the need to ask.
> The appetizer and Baby Back Ribs are delicious, I recommend them.
> Also, try their Bomb side dish, it is rich in flavor.

> The steaks are not cooked evenly.
> They did not get the requested type of cooked steak right. I believe that they should get this perfect because it is supposed to be their specialties.
> Some of the best seller steaks like prime ribs are not available

Will I come back? Hmmm... No. I will try other steak house or restaurants instead.

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