176/365: A Problem That I Experienced

Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Problem That I Experienced

I can still remember it perfectly. I have an original copy of my birth certificate since my birth and I thought that it is enough for the requirements of PRC Board Exam for Nursing. One of the requirements for the exam is to provide them an original copy of birth certificate. Few weeks prior to the exam, one staff of the review center told me that my copy of birth certificate that I submitted is old and that I should provide them a copy with the new type of birth certificate which means with a bar code included. I really had no idea that I need to update a new copy of my birth certificate because it is the first time that someone asked an original copy. My previous schools did not asked for a certain type of copy of birth certificate. 

I had two original copies of my old birth certificate that is why I did not try to attempt to furnish a new one before. Imagine stressing out on how to get a new copy when the exam is just weeks away. I tried going to SM Malls but learned that it will take at least a month before I could claim it. I have no choice but to go to the Census government office in Quezon City to get a new one. After gruesome lines, lot of people and a few hours, I will be able to get my updated copy of birth certificate with bar code after three days. I paid an extra for it to be rush.

Sadly, the day came that I will claim it and they told me that my birth certificate is not be found on their computerized system so they cannot furnish one as soon as possible and that I had to wait because they will forward the problem to the main office to send them manually a copy of my birth certificate and they will begin processing to add a bar code for me. Again, it may take at least a month.

Oh My God! I really had no time for that long waiting time because I may not be able to take my board exam due to lack of requirements. I want to cry at that time and just give up but I had to find ways. So I asked nicely if there is a way possible that they could make it faster because it is for my board exam.

They gladly assisted me to their head of the office and that I should talk to her. The head is really accommodating and she is willing to help in whatever way she could. So she made a letter addressed to the main office that my birth certificate should be a priority for my board exam. She asked me to take the letter she signed and submit it in their main office along Edsa, corner Quezon Avenue so they could process it faster. That same day I took her letter to the main office.

I really feel grown up doing this alone because I have no one to accompany me and teach me because my sister and mother is abroad and my father is at the province. I asked for directions on how to get there without riding a taxi because at that time, my budget is not enough for a taxi ride. 

I arrived tiredly at the main office and the staff there assisted me. I realized that not all the government employees are snob and hot headed. 

They got the letter and read it. They understand my situation but they need a proof that I will use it for board exam purposes because I learned from them that a lot of people do excuses just to get their birth certificate rushed.  I asked them what kind of proof should I provide? They told me to provide a letter from PRC. 

Leaving the main office feeling defeated, I started to hate the world for experiencing this. I took a break in the nearby bread shop, Merced, to think. I ate some food and drank a lot of water because I remembered I did not eat anything from breakfast to lunch because of my problem. 

I keep on wondering on how should I proceed while eating. Then I decided that I will try to ask the PRC to provide me a letter and if they will refuse, I guess it is a sign for me that I should not take my board exam.

The next day, I went early to PRC. Amazingly, it is like my problem is common and I only have to wait for an hour for the letter that they will accomplish. After I got the letter, I immediately took it to the NSO Main Office. They accepted it as a proof and told me that they will print my birth certificate directly and that I should claim it from them after three days. Of course, there are extra fees to be paid but I am happy that my problem is solved! So I managed to get some sleep that night.

My review classes are on break at that time that is why I managed to fix this problem. After three days, I got it and I arrived late to my review center as the classes just resumed. Apparently, after all the toxicity that I encountered in getting a new type of birth certificate, I learned from the other staff of the review center that the PRC still accepts the old type of birth certificate as long as it is an original copy.

What the heck? I did all of that for nothing...I wanted to shout my frustration but in the end I did not because I learned a lot in my experience and still I am thankful because I really felt responsible and matured on solving a problem like this. I also thought that at least, in future needs, my birth certificate is already updated with the new one on their system.

Did you encounter any crazy problems like experienced? :)

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