My 2nd Shiseido's International Beauty Fair Experience

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

My 2nd Shiseido's International Beauty Fair Experience

Greetings everyone! For all the ladies and women out there, how did you spend the Women's month this year? Have you tried celebrating it with Shiseido? I just did last March 13, 2015 and its a great day to celebrate being a woman. I always have been proud to be one. Its not yet too late to attend the International Beauty Fair as the event is still ongoing until March 31, 2015.

Shiseido's Chief Make-up artist, Ms. Carmal Villongco, invited me to attend the workshop on its first day and I had a blast, I learned on how to take care of my skin better. Not only that but I met a lot of famous bloggers, The Sample Room Bloggers Circle. 

Let me share with you in details the experience that I had in attending the Second International Beauty Fair of Shiseido. (For the first Beauty Fair, check the link of my post here.) I always enjoy attending events from Shiseido as it is always fun and very informative. Most of the techniques I use in doing my makeup everyday and skin care are the knowledge I gained from attending various workshops from Shiseido. That is why this year 2015, I am blessed to be able to join the International Beauty Fair.

On the first day of the event, it was held at Mega Fashion Hall and they will be there until March 19, 2015. I arrived quite early and thankfully, I was able to take a lot of photos while waiting for the event to start. 

Entrance to the event

The highlight on the event includes this new product from Shiseido called the UV Protector Wet Force, its a sunblock made to protect the skin more as you sweat more. Amazing, right?

I can already feel the summer coming just by seeing the new UV Protector Wet Force submerged in a water. This new product from Shiseido is perfect for the summer! If you are looking for a sunblock to use this coming summer, try the new Shiseido UV Protector and be protected more as your skin get wet.

In time with the summer, Shiseido has a promo of availing a limited edition Global Wetforce wrap around towel. The towels look really fluffy and soft, you can get this towel for free when you purchase the new product Wet Force with minimum amount of 10,000php. 

Looking around the area, I cannot help taking a sole picture of this Ultimune Serum, one of my favorite Shiseido products. I just used up my sample from Sample Room and I will repurchase this soon. (My review for the Ultimune posted here.) 

What is your favorite Shiseido product? You can also refill your must-haves on the event itself as Shiseido sells their products at the event and they offer limited time promos. 

Shiseido prepared a whole lot of activities for us to enjoy. There is a make over section, wherein Shiseido's well trained makeup artists can give eyebrow grooming and make your makeup look glowing. There are four stations for makeup and each station having a different look.

I arrived early at the event, I saw Ms. Maeda still having her makeup done.

One of the stations offering a soft look by Dick Page.

Did you know that if you take a photo of yourself during the event and post it on Instagram or Facebook with the given hashtag, you can win a full size Ultimune! Its so generous of Shiseido to pick three winners. Full details on the photo below:

Of course I want to have this Ultimune too as I totally love it, so I posted my own entry for the selfie! Join the contest now too! Just make sure you follow the mechanics. :)


Just me taking a selfie for my own entry haha!

Back to the main event, let me now share what happened on the workshop. Shiseido always gives an extra effort to have an international professional give their tutorial in the Philippines. As the main event started, I am excited to learn new things from Ms. Naka Maeda, Shiseido's Japanese Beauty Consultant who will stay here in the Philippines for a month just to share her expertise to us. She is from Osaka, Japan and she is working under Shiseido for years now. Ms. Carmel Villongco, Shiseido's Chief Makeup Artist, introduced her to the attendees.

Ms. Naka Maeda and Ms. Carmel Villongco

Ms. Naka Maeda will tackle the topics on how to achieve a glowing look and how to do the skin care properly.

Ms. Jen Jimenez of Shiseido Philippines giving the opening remarks.

Before Ms. Naka Maeda proceed with the tutorial, Ms. Carmel Villongco showed us what items will be used on the tutorial as well as the new collection of Spring Summer Collection.

I want everything! LOL. Some of these items will be used by Ms. Naka Maeda on her tutorial.

Ms. Rowena of was chosen to be the model for Ms. Naka Maeda. Ms. Naka started with the skin care, she first removed Ms. Rowena's makeup with the tissue technique. She then used the Shiseido Bio-Performance Glow Revival Serum and Shiseido Glow Enhancing Primer to achieve the glowing look.

The massage on Ms. Rowena's face really looks relaxing. The touch is gentle and in circular motions. Shiseido is very keen in keeping their touches gentle for the skin. In using a cotton pad for removing makeup, Ms. Naka makes sure to use all the sides and tips of the pad. For the makeup, Ms. Nada used shimmery eye shadows in colors gray and purple. Her eyes have bold colors but her lips and cheeks has this natural look on. I was not able to take a closer photo on what Ms. Rowena looked like but you can also visit her post on her webpage for details on her makeup look. 

*Want to attend a class with Ms. Naka Maeda? She will be here until the end of March, just ask any Shiseido shops on how to get an entry to the events. You can still catch her on the last day tomorrow at SM Mega Fashion Hall. The next schedule will be on March 23 to 28 at The Podium and March 29 to 31 at SM Mall Of Asia Atrium.*

Besides the workshop, Shiseido also prepared a set of activities wherein you can check your skin's status with the use of Skin Visiom and Skin Sensor. Ms. Carmel Villongco tested it on me and I am sad to learn that my skin is still dry, I guess I have to stick more to my skin care regimen regularly. I have the tendency to forget it and be lazy specially when I am dead tired from work. According to the portable machine, my skin only has 39% moisture on it and the normal values should be at least 100% and above. My age is 27 years old and my skin age is 29 years old. That makes my skin aged two years on my original age. Seeing the normal skin compared to my dry ones on the machine makes me want to put a moisturizer as soon as I got home. You should really try this test on the event as it will not take too much of your time and yet it is very precised and clear.  So you will be more aware of the status of your skin. I am glad to know mine.

Another amazing activity is the Shiseido application on their tablets which Shiseido branches now have. On their Ipads there is an application wherein you will take a photo of yourself and you can test Shiseido's makeup on you to learn what suits you without removing your makeup or trying all of it out manually. This application is called Beauty Simulator. Look at my picture below, I was not able to capture myself on the Ipad correctly but look how it works on my photo. You can check for the eye shadow color, blush and lipstick on the application. Its a very high end application.

There's also food and refreshments served, its my first time to taste Bizu desserts and its to die for! Thank you so much Shiseido for letting me experience it. 

I am so blessed to be with Sample Room blogger circle on this event. Thank you so much Ms. Carmel Villongco and Sample Room for the warm invite. I will be forever grateful to be part of it. Thank you so much Sample Room for welcoming me to join all of you, specially Ms. Sophie Uy.

I cannot wait to attend more workshops by Ms. Carmel Villongco, I always attend her workshops if I can, I never get tired of listening for her tips. (You can search the other events I attended on my search tab.) 

Before the event ended, I want to take many pictures as possibly can. Its an unforgettable event for me. I had so much fun just being able to bond with girls having the same passion as I have. Spending the day with Sample Room's Blogger Circle and Shiseido cannot make my day any more better.

With Shiseido's Chief Makeup Artist, Ms. Carmel Villongco

With Ms. Sophie Uy of Sample Room

With Ms. Kaycee Enerva of

The Polka dot triplets, LOL. With Ms. Kristel of and Ms. Krissy of

With Ms. Donna of

With Ms. Gen-Zel of

With Ms. Earth of

To know more about Shiseido and be updated, just like their page in Facebook. You can also follow them on their Twitter and Instagram account. (Just click the highlighted part to be redirected)

Watch out as Shiseido products will soon be offered at Sample Room so ready your points to be able to grab some as soon as it will be released. To try before you buy, just go to


  1. I hope my Sample Room points get re-instated in time for that Shiseido launch. It's been a week and wala pa rin. But then again, the samples might be super premium and more for the VIP members. :(

  2. Hi @Matromao, you can try joining the VIP, to jump start your points at least. I think they have slots right now.

  3. I have been considering that. Medyo nangunguripot right now, but I think I might just go for it sometime this year. (Either that or subscribe to a beauty box!)

  4. Beauty box is nice too, specially BDJ Box :)


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