67/365: How Important Education Is (For Me)

Sunday, March 8, 2015

How Important Education Is (For Me)

I believe that education is the key for the future. Being aware of new information being taught at schools will make our country disciplined and open-minded. 

For example, enrolling into a proper driving lesson class wherein they teach you to assess and give way to others and do not push your rights to prevent accidents. Private owned vehicle owners usually had undergone this training compared to self-taught public vehicles drivers. Let's be honest and observe that bus and jeep drivers are not disciplined when on the road. They stop at anywhere they want to, they swerve and so much more. I believe that if they have proper education and training in the road etiquette, Philippines will be a better place.

For the children, finishing college will open more opportunities when it comes to work. Although there are a lot of people being successful even without a degree. Consider education as a gift from your parents that can never be replaced, make it an advantage to explore your options.

The thirst to learn more can be a start in the improvement of a better place in terms of health, innovation and technology. 

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