Mishka Shoes: Comfort Shoes That Suits A Nurse and A Blogger's Lifestyle

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Mishka Shoes: Comfort Shoes That Suits A Nurse and A Blogger's Lifestyle

Comfortable shoes weighs more to me than luxurious shoes. Even if when I go to a beauty social events, I know my shoes needed to be classy and yet I want to be able to walk around without my shoes bothering me. 

As a full time nurse, it requires me to wear shoes that are light and soft inside because I tend to stand and walk around in long hours without enough time to rest the soles of my feet. Besides being an active health care worker, I am also a blogger. Most of the times I have to pack clothes and shoes with me because I have an event to go to whether its before or after shift. Bringing heavy weight shoes is a tedious and painful process for me.

I am happy to discover that a local brand made proudly in the Philippines offers wide variety of comfortable and yet stylish shoes that suits every woman's lifestyle. When I say a variety, I mean all of the styles that you can think of. From sandals to boots, flats to boaters. You name it and you will find a lot of styles in their Facebook page.  The link to their Facebook page here. The brand is also available at the 2nd Floor in Landmark Makati. You can see them in different bazaars too. To know about their latest finds, you can follow them in their Instagram account here.

Photo image courtesy of Mishka

What makes Mishka shoes different? It is a foldable shoes! Fortunately, it is not like any other foldable shoes that even when you are not wearing it, it still bends upward. The Mishka shoes holds it shape when you unfold it.

Basically, Mishka shoes is a combination of style, comfort and function. Aside from being stylish, it is made with extra cushion in the insole making it really comfortable to wear. The shoes is very light weight saving us the torture of packing shoes. You can easily bring it for travels and just fold it up. It can be a life saver after wearing high heeled shoes by the end of the day.

The type of shoes that I find that I can wear at work is the Caitlin Foldable Ballet Flats. It is white in color. The cushion inside is soft and it can be easily brought for travels. So it will suit my double life as a nurse and blogger. The Caitlin ballet flats costs 700php.

For the fashionista inside me, I find these designs enticing. I want to collect them all! Look how fabulous these shoes are, let me share to you my favorite finds from their store.

See how gorgeous that boots look! The shoe lace is in my favorite color, pink! The shade of the boots can also go well with a lot of clothes. Its not hard to match it up. I can imagine myself wearing it with shorts and a cropped top. This pair of boots costs 850php.

When the mood to have a preppy OOTD, this shoes fits my style. Its chic and can fit the styles of dresses and skirts that I own. This foldable ballet flats is called Keira. The price is 750php.

Who loves Oxford shoes? Its very classy and I can wear it to semi-formal events. This Ahren foldable Oxford shoes costs 750php. It is also available in the combination of black and white. For semi-formal events, I also like to wear boat shoes. They have a lot of color combinations for boat shoes but I love anything classic so this is what catches my eyes:

Now I cannot wait to check it out in Makati. For more details about Mishka shoes, you can email them directly here at mishka.shoes.ph@gmail.com and 09152159480.

Have a great day to my readers! :)

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