Jergens: Soothing Aloe

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Besides the Jergens Ultra Healing, this is my next favorite. I especially use this during summer season. The soothing aloe has this cooling effect on skin. My review for the Jergens Ultra Healing link is here.

Brand: Jergens

Type: Soothing Aloe

Weight: 100ml (Also available in 50ml, 200ml, 500ml and 650ml bottles)

Product Description: Soothes and hydrates. Revives for visibly more refreshed skin. With an illuminating Hydralucence blend and Cucumber Extract and Pure Aloe Vera. Jergens Soothing Aloe moisturizer helps you reveal luminous, visibly more refreshed skin. This unique, fast-absorbing formula contains an illuminating Hydralucence blend, as well as cucumber extract and pure Aloe Vera. Soothes dry skin. Revives skin's natural moisture factor for visibly refreshed-looking skin. Jergens moisturizes are created to make a beautiful difference for your skin - a difference you can actually see, feel and experience. Only our formulas are made with an illuminating Hydralucence blend. Restore your skin's deep luminosity to reveal skin that's never looked so beautiful. 


> Refreshing feel on skin
> Dries easily after application
> Does not feel greasy on skin
> Gives instant soft feel on skin
> Light scent
> Best for normal to dry skin
> Affordable

> The refreshing feel does not last long
> The softness and smoothness of skin does not last long, needs re-application

Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: 100ml - 79php (50ml - 42php, 100ml tube - 99php, 200ml - 137php, 500ml - 246php, 650ml - 359php

Where to buy? Available in local supermarkets, department stores and even to some pharmacies.

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