Maybelline's New Year Luncheon 2015 and Product Launching

Monday, January 26, 2015

New Year Luncheon With Maybelline and Product Launching of the new White Super Fresh UV Cake Foundation


I cannot express how thankful I am when I got this invite. Usually I attend events when I join a contest by BDJ or by invitation from Shiseido (Thanks to Ms. Carmel Villongco) and this is my first time to be invited by another sole brand. It is from one of my favorite brands, Maybelline New York. When I started using cosmetics at an early age, this is the brand that I always buy and until now I enjoy their products from lip balms to lipstick and their blush-on. Their products are affordable and easy to use.

I am so giddy when I arrived home from work and saw this unique invitation from Maybelline. Its my first time to receive a great opportunity like this and also my first time to receive a cupcake for invitation. By the way, the cupcake tastes really good and it is super moist!

The event was held last January 22, 2015 at 12noon in Cafe 1771 El Pueblo, Ortigas. The new year luncheon is for the launching of a new product from Maybelline, as they will reveal the new powder that will give the super fresh and matte look perfect for the start of the year 2015. The product is Maybelline White Super Fresh Long Lasting Matte UV Cake Foundation. I am so excited to try and get my hands on this new item from Maybelline that I had a hard time sleeping due to too much excitement. I know that I will benefit on this new product because its a long staying powder foundation and I need a foundation at work that will not require me to do touch-ups.

I walked around El Pueblo and I knew I saw the right place when I peeked in through the windows and I see the blue colored theme set up inside! I did not manage to get a photo of what it looks like outside because I am so excited to get in.

Entrance at Cafe 1771, El Pueblo Ortigas

I am warmly greeted by beautiful ladies when I went inside the Cafe. I registered my name and I was introduced to the great people behind the event. They handed me a card for a guide on what activities available at the event. Even though there is a card for the list of activities, Ms. Bianca of Maybelline still assisted and ushered me around the Cafe. 

Guide for all the activities

I am so shocked to see that I will be prettified first and by Maybelline too! I had my nails, hair and makeup done that I feel so pretty that day. At first I cannot choose which nail design to choose from but I decided to have the caviar done since that is what I fail to do on my own nails. 

One of the nail art station, they have three stations for nail art activity.

My nail art design.

After getting my nails done, I had my hair blow dried and had my makeup retouched with the new Maybelline Super Fresh UV Cake Foundation.

Hair Styling Section

Its me getting my hair done while Mr. Navato also retouches my makeup!

After having the make-over session, I go around the place to take some photos of the venue and the items from Maybelline. The Cafe 1771 suits the colors of Maybelline White Super Fresh. The event and place complimented each other. 

I see a lot of famous bloggers but I am too shy to introduce myself as they are already engaged with conversation with other people. I was hoping I could say thanks to Ms. Sabs Hernandez as I won from one of her TMM's 12 Days of Christmas. 

I can't stop taking pictures at the centerpiece of the dining tables, all the cupcakes are so cute. It looks too good to be eaten. There are two designs of the cupcakes, the one with the compact powder style and the rounded candy with pearls with 12 Hour Fresh. 

There's a sumptuous buffet offered at the side of the cafe and I took the opportunity to eat while I was waiting for the program to start. The lunch served at the buffet table are all heavenly and a healthy well-balanced food. My favorite dish is the asparagus wrapped in bacon but I love all the food served, I want to come back to this place again just to eat. (Thank you Cafe 1771 for the delightful lunch!)

Asparagus wrapped in bacon

Sausage with onions, Pan Fried Chicken with three cheeses, Ratatouille, Mashed Potato

Desserts: Blueberry Panna Cotta, Evasion

Before the program started, we head on to the tables near the entrance. I am so happy to finally meet Tellie of Beauty By Tellie, Ari of Arisinwonderland and Gretchen of Greta's Junkyard. We had little chat while waiting for the program to start and we took a lot pictures of the centerpiece and Maybelline's new product while we gush on how adorable the cupcakes are and the great new powder.

With Gretchen and Ari

Now let us go back to the main event. The program started and we were introduced to the new UV Cake Foundation from Maybelline. According to a study done to Filipino women who uses regular foundations said that it takes them three to five times a day of retouching to avoid oily and dirty skin. Now, imagine using a foundation that needs no retouching for 12 hours? That would be great, right? As a full time working nurse in a tertiary hospital I do not have the advantage of extra time for breaks to do touch-ups and this new foundation from Maybelline looks promising.

Cary Noreen Co, Maybelline New York Product Manager

As quoted by Ms. Cary Noreen Co, "Women feel best about themselves right after they've had a morning shower and freshly-applied makeup. However, as the day goes, their skin is under attack by heat, humidity and pollution that leads to sweat build-up which eventually pounds down their confidence! This is where Maybelline New York comes in by offering the must-have powder foundation to make sure she always has that fresh feel confidence with White Super Fresh."

What is unique about this new White Super Fresh UV Cake Foundation? It is innovated with powerful Clean-touch Powder Technology that promises zero cakeyness, zero dullness and zero meltdown. The power absorption of this Clean-touch technology is five times powerful than the regular talc. The Clean-touch technology is enriched with mineral perlite for maximum oil absorption. We did the Fresh Test to see how the new powder foundation quickly absorbs the water. There is also a bonus of long lasting power of a super fresh skin up to 12 hours! Also, it comes with UV protection of SPF34 PA+++.

Have you seen how the Brand X just had the water over the powder? Imagine if it was your sweat, it will end up as dirt and oiliness in your skin. Did you see how quickly the Super Fresh UV Cake Foundation absorbed the water that I sprayed on top? It repelled the water and this is a great product to be use in the weather like we have here in the Philippines. I will post a separate and detailed review for the UV Cake Foundation that I got as well as swatches.

Photo of comparison of how water was retained over Brand X and how it was absorbed by Maybelline's White Super Fresh.

Look at my pictures of how fresh my face looks with my makeup done with White Super Fresh UV Cake Foundation. The photo background where we can have our photos taken looks sexy with the white motorcycle as set up, I wish I did not wear a dress so I could have mounted over it and had my photo taken.

 So proud to be part of this party and to be a #SUPERFRESH Girl

Thank you so much Maybelline for enlightening me with this new promising product that I am sure us Nurses will be happy to use, I cannot wait for its release so I can ask my friends and co-workers to try it! Again, thank you for the souvenir of more Maybelline products that I could use and most specially for my own new White Super Fresh UV Cake Foundation!

The new White Super Fresh Matte UV Cake Foundation will be available nationwide starting February 28, 2015 and it only costs 299php (So affordable!). There are four shades that you can choose from: Light, Nude Beige, Natural and Honey. For more information about Maybelline, please visit their Facebook Page here.

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