27/365: My Fears

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My Fears

I have Acrophobia or fear of heights. I am not a fun person to be with in theme parks since you won't be able to make me ride roller coasters, ferris wheels and so much more. 

When I was with my boyfriend's family in Tagaytay, they made me conquer my fear by having me ride the Ferris Wheel at Sky Ranch. I can remember being really uncomfortable. I am afraid of loosing control more than the heights I think. I know if something happens I cannot do anything when I am above.

This fear includes my fear to ride airplanes - yes I am afraid of that too that is why I seldom travel. I hate the feeling of the airplane taking off and landing. I feel like all my insides are left at the ground. 

I hope one day, the anxiety I am feeling will be gone because I know I need to ride airplanes in long hours one day.

What are your fears? Do you have acrophobia as same as mine?

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