Ellana Mineral Cosmetics: Bliss Blush

Monday, November 17, 2014

Product Review: Ellana Mineral Cosmetics' Bliss Blush

Using mineral based makeups are either perfect or not to a certain person. Mineral based makeups are not good for people with oily skin as I had seen the experiences from my family and friends. I have a combination of dry and oily (T-zone) so mineral makeups does it wonders to me. 

I love trying out several mineral makeups like powders and blushes. I saw that Ellana Minerals has some of their products on sale and I tried out this Bliss blush in powdered form. 

I already tried a product from Ellana when it was included on my BDJ Box, here is the link of my previous product review: http://www.allaboutbeauty101.com/2014/02/unboxing-my-3rd-bdj-box-jan-feb-2014.html#.

Ellana Mineral Cosmetics is a local brand in the Philippines and they offer complete set of makeups from primers up to tools. It is a brand of makeup that is a favorite by a lot of beauty bloggers.

Now let me share my experience with this Blush N' Bloom Mineral Powder Blush "Bliss" by Ellana Mineral Cosmetics. 

Brand: Ellana Mineral Cosmetics

Type: Bliss (Powder Blush)

Base: Earthy Terracotta Red with sheer matte finish

Weight: 1g (Also available in 2g)

Product Description: Soft-toned powder blushes that are easy to blend, with a light formula that gives you a dusting of color that instantly livens up your complexion, with a healthy rosy glow. 

Ingredients: Not exactly specified. But as stated on their website, it has Vitamin E for cell regeneration and moisturizing. Fragrance Free and Paraben-free.

> Highly pigmented - small dust is enough to coat large areas
> Contains glittery dust that I can also use this as a bronzer
> Natural shade (earthy terracotta)
> No irritations or adverse reactions noted
> It did not make my skin greasy
> It complimented my skin tone

> Its hard to get powder on the little container, I had to use a separate sheet where I can pour some of the powder into it
> Exact ingredients not posted
> Does not last long (although it is common for mineral makeups that it is not long lasting)


Buy again? 90%

Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: 85php (sale price, originally it is 100php for 1 g : 2g sale price 153pgp, originally 180php for 2g)

Where to buy? You can only purchase it online on their website: http://ellana.com.ph/
                         But it is also available in Zalora (as well as other numerous choices of cosmetics), if you are interested to buy other things besides Ellana Mineral Cosmetics to save up shipping fees, link to Zalora here: Zalora Online Shop

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