My 21st Sample Room Experience: Burt's Bees

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My 21st Sample Room Experience: Burt's Bees Products

In celebration of Burt's Bees 30 years anniversary, they are generous to offer free samples most in full sizes at Sample Room. It is a good thing that I am a VIP member and I got to collect these great items from Sample Room right away. 

Watch out for my full product reviews for these amazing Burt's Bees Collection that I got! 


  1. Did you finish the review already? I'm excited! I just received my first Sample Room product today.:)

  2. Thanks! I'm excited. :)

  3. Are you a VIP member, its a great advantage, you will be able to get more items! :)

  4. I cannot count na pang ilang yung SR haul ko :D I have all of these too and super love ko yung balms nila talaga.

  5. Hehe, simula kasi na try ko sila, naisip ko bilangin nakaka ilang orders na ko lol. :) Mauubos ko na yung lip balm, di ko pa nagawan ng post hehe. Sarap sa feel sa lips. :)


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