My Year 2014 Wish List & Giveaway!

Monday, July 28, 2014

I posted a tip (Keep Track of Your Wishlist) regarding on how to keep track of your wish list. I noticed that even though I already listed all of the items that I want, there will always be something that I cannot buy due to lack of budget or it is just not a priority of the moment. These are just some that I always dream of having but not making it into a reality just yet. I decided that starting today, I will always post at least 5 items that I dream of having every year and compare it in the future.

Do you think we have the same items on my wish list?

1. Naked 1 to 3 Palettes

The much coveted Urban Decay palettes. Every time I think of buying at least one, I am backing out because of the luxurious price of each palette. One palette costs around $54. Sigh... A girl can dream, right?

2. Airbrush Kit from Dinair

In line with my dream to be a makeup artist, I know I will one day need this one. Dinair is a popular brand producing airbrush kits besides Kryolan. I want to master the use of airbrush kit to maximize my capabilities besides traditional makeup. A basic set starts from $99.

3. Nikon DSLR

Every blogger needs to invest in a good camera. For now, I am using a Sony Cybershot 12mega pixel digital camera that is why I still cannot get a vivid details of the items I am reviewing. This is a second priority on my list right now. I hope I can save money to buy one soon. This camera ranges from 30,000php to 60,000php depending on the specs of the DSLR.

4. Photo Tent With Lights

In partner with a good camera, a blogger also needs a perfect set-up and this is the top of my priority list because in my home where I do my blogging, we do not have much windows for a natural light to capture the best shots. I am still looking for this here in the Philippines.

5. Mirror with bulb lights

Every beauty blogger dreams of its perfect vanity hub and I do have one and I am just lacking this huge mirror. I already posted my beauty nook from before: link here. It still looks the same, I hope I can add this customized mirror soon. I know someone who makes customized mirrors, you can ask me where to get it (if you are based on the Philippines) by commenting on this blog post.

*All photos posted above are not mine

Share to me what is your ultimate dream that you cannot have as of the moment by commenting below this post and maybe I know some tips to help you get them or maybe help me where to get my wishlist items too! I will pick a winner to all who will participate in this blog entry randomly via Rafflecopter. Everyone is welcome to participate but the giveaway will be only open to Philippine residents. The lucky winner will win this makeup vanity box:

Earn additional entries for the giveaway here:

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