Clinique: Liquid Facial Soap (Mild)

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Mild

Brand: Clinique

Type: Liquid Facial Soap - Mild (Step 1)

Weight: 30ml

Target: Dry or combination skin

Formulation: Tube

Consistency: Gel


Usage amount: A drop or two for whole face and neck

> Clinically tested
> Allergy tested
> 100% fragrance free
> Can be used for dry skin on cheeks to oily T-zone
> No extra dryness noted on skin
> Can be used twice a day
> Easy to lather on face
> Small amount needed to lather on whole face and neck
> Skin is not greasy for long hours after use, even the T-zone
> Skin felt smooth and supple after use
> No breakouts or irritations noted

Cons: None


Buy again? 100%


Where to buy? Available on Clinique stores

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