Shiseido Ibuki Product Launching

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Trinoma Mall - September 22, 2013

I was excited to attend this event, I know that Shiseido is known for their skin care products as I witnessed it being used by my mother since I was a kid. So I grabbed the chance when the Shiseido Philippines offered their new products for demo and testing hosted by their training manager, Ms. Carmel Villongco, a well known make-up artist. :)

The Ibuki line is designed for girls at least below 30 years old but you can still use it. It just has a milder content needed for younger generation. It is refreshing for skin of all types. It smells good that it makes you feel relaxed upon using.

The Ibuki Purifying Cleanser is a foam based and you only need a small amount that can lather your whole face and neck.

The Ibuki Softening Concentrate is the one I loved most in this product line, it is their replacement for toners, it can clean your face and gives back your moisture too unlike in a toner. It is not harmful and it helps you absorb the moisturizer that you will be using next.

The Ibuki Protective and Refining moisturizers are not sticky which is great for our humid weather in Philippines. It smells good and soft on my skin. You can choose your own moisturizer since they both target different skin tones.

Ibuki line targets our skin to hydrate, perfect and prevent skin aging. I love their new line, specially that it is designed for my age. So girls, I really recommend this Ibuki line for you to try, you won't be disappointed. It is already available on market.

It is really expensive specially if you are going to use it in a long run, but it is worth it.


Buy again? 100%

Shiseido Ibuki Purifying Cleanser - 1,495php
Shiseido Ibuki Softening Concentrate - 1,600php
Shiseido Ibuki Protective Moisturizer SPF15 - 1,950php
Shiseido Ibuki Refining Moisturizer - 1,950php
Shiseido Ibuki Eye Correcting Cream - 1,800php

Where to buy? Shiseido store on Trinoma

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