Benefit Tints and Beams

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Benefit: Tints and Beams

I am so happy when my sister gave this collection to me before. Its a great addition to my collection. I don't know how she managed to collect this secretly but she also had a set of her own. This entry is actually a late review since I had it for years now. I just saw them on my stuff and I realized I hadn't posted a review for it yet. The blog entry for my Benefit tints and beams had been stored for almost forever on my drafts together with some old stuff I had. 

Benefit Tints

Benefit became famous because of their tints. It comes in a different shades. It can be used both as lip and cheek stains.

Bene Tint


The first tint invented by Benefit, it weighs 12.5ml and comes in a bottle with brush like a nail polish. Originally rose-tinted that looks naturally sheer when worn. To all of the tints created, this is the only watery in consistency. Its easy to use and blend. I like to use it more as a lip tint because of my skin tone, it doesn't show much color on my cheeks. But it is like a natural blush and looks great for no make-up on blush. If you want it to look darker, apply more layers. It lasts long since it is in liquid form.

Cha Cha Tint

My favorite of all tints, it suits my skin tone well. Cha Cha tint weighs 12.5ml comes in a bottle with brush. It is mango-tinted, creamy and milky. Looks great on bare skin and over foundation. Highly pigmented so no added layers needed. The shade looks peachy when applied on skin like a sunburn kind of blush. It is also lang lasting. 

Posie Tint

A bright pink colored tint from Benefit, also weighs 12.5ml in a bottle with brush. Very pigmented and dries really fast compared to Cha Cha and Benetint. I observed that I look radiant and blooming when I use this, it makes my face looks fresh.

Benefit Beams

First of the highlighters I owned. I like to use this for everyday because it looks natural on face.

High Beam

High Beam is a liquid highlighter weighing 13ml in a bottle with brush. Luminescent complexion enhancer in a satin pink shade. It is great with make-up or no make-up look. It makes my skin glowing and just a tip, you can mix it with your BB cream or foundation or even apply it on your entire face to make your skin look dewy.

Moon Beam

Moon Beam, an iridescent complexion enhancer. A shade of a golden apricot. Weighing 13ml in a bottle with brush. This is more glittery in light than the high beam, so I use it more on night outs than day.

Sun Beam

Sun Beam is a golden bronze complexion highlighter. Also weighs 13ml with the same bottle and brush. When I'm wearing this, it gives me a natural sun kissed skin. Others prefer to wear it on summer to look sun kissed while others prefer to wear it on winter season to avoid looking pale.

Over all experience, I am happy and I will always collect them. Its definitely worth the money and experience.

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