Early Christmas Online Shopping: Do You Know Where To Shop?

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Christmas Online Shopping

Have you listed your Christmas wish list or the people you want to give gifts this season? I did and I realized that I avoid going to the malls where most people would go too. 

I am a fan of online shopping wherein I could just buy stuffs and just wait for it at home to be delivered. Before, online shopping is considered scary in the Philippines specially when scammers are everywhere but nowadays there are a lot of shops that are legit.

I would like to share my trusted online shops if you want to check it out and I hope it could help you for your Christmas rush. The shops I will share sells items more of related to beauty and fashion. 

1. Jhajing

Instagram account: http://instagram.com/jhajing
Store: 56 Visayas Avenue, Quezon City (Near Shell Gasoline Station)

I knew the owner of Jhajing personally since I am also a seller in Multiply before and that is where she started. She sells online and she also as a physical store in Visayas Avenue. Jhajing offers affordable accessories, clothes, bags and shoes. Most of the products are for women but there are a few items for men like shirts and pants.

2. Zalora

Zalora offers wide variety of choices for both women and men. What is nice about this online store is you can shop using Paypal account or you can pay cash on delivery. The items being sold ranges from beauty (skin care, makeup, tools), accessories, clothes, shoes and bags. Zalora offers branded items which is really great. They always have sale to up to 80% off so I always check it out first.

3. BDJ Box

Before, I only go to BDJ Box's website to read articles and to subscribe to their monthly subscriptions then I noticed that they have a lot of beauty items on their page. I am now also shopping on their website for beauty related products specially when they are on sale.

4. Glamourbox

Glamourbox is like BDJ Box. They have monthly subscription boxes but also offers items that you can shop online. They also always have a sale for skin care and cosmetics. 

5. Beauty Bar

Beauty Bar's online shop is not that famous but it is legit. You can shop items on their online website and then you can pick it up on the store nearest to you if you do not want it to be delivered. Sometimes, there are items on sale on the website that is not on sale on their physical shop so you can go try looking at their sale items. 

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