Belo Essentials Instagram Contest By Sample Room

Monday, June 9, 2014

Belo Essentials Instagram Contest By Sample Room

Sample Room had an Instagram contest using the Belo Acne Pro products. Just post the Belo Acne Pro Set or the Kojic soap you got from Sample Room and answer why you are shining bright even without spotlight. I joined the contest because I had all of the Belo Acne Pro Products. And this is my answer:

"I'm shining bright even without a spotlight because of Belo's new Acne Pro Line, and being acne-free gives me the confidence I need to take on whatever comes my way."

Five winners will be chosen and I am one of it, I am so lucky!

The package arrived today through Xend and the package is really big and heavy. Upon opening, it is a chic bag from Belo (loving the bag's design, excited to use it in my work - definitely suits my pink scrub suit). And inside the bag? Full-sized products from Belo!!!

The items inside the bag already costs so much! And I am so lucky to win. I can't wait to try all of it and post a review soon!

The bag has a card attached from Sample Room, with their hand-written congratulatory note. Thank you so much again Sample Room and Belo for making this happen!!! I am so grateful. Excited to join future contests!!!

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